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Reading is to the Mind what Exercise is to the Body.
We have a well equipped library for children to quench their thirst for information. An informed mind is a valuable asset to society. The school actively encourages students to read books and library hours are part of the curriculum. The spacious library accommodates 300 students who can choose from a treasure trove of 30, 000 books.
It has the latest reference books as well as high quality fiction. Information and educational magazines are also available. Students can update themselves on the latest information as there are 10 computers with internet access available for their use in the library.
A well stocked and well-equipped school library is a frequent haunt for our various readers. The school library has a rich stock of books, dictionaries, magazines and journals. The library has liberal working hours and its dedicated staff facilitates and encourages the optimum use of library.


The best judge of whether or not a country is going to develop is how it treats its women. If it’s educating its girls, if women have equal rights, that country is going to move forward. But if women are oppressed and abused and illiterate, then they’re going to fall behind.