Piramal Girls Sr Sec is a Residential and Day School with a modern outlook, dedicated to girl's education, encompassing all the educational facilities under one roof.It is one of the best centres of Learning in Rajasthan, having retained our rich cultural heritage.

The school was founded in 1930 by Hon'ble Seth Piramal Ji as an Institute to educate girls and to enable parents to realize the true value of the girl child, in the idyllic atmosphere of Bagar, a small village in the heart of Rajasthan. Late Dr. Mohanlal JI Piramal, an eminent educationist, industrialist and great visionary envisaged the vital need and significance of girls' education for the betterment and upliftment of our society as well as our nation at large, and grew our institution to become one of the best in Rajasthan.

It was due to the foresight of its founder father and the encouragement received from the management that this institution grew from a Primary school to Higher Secondary school and finally a highly reputed Senior Secondary School.

Dr. Mohanlal Piramal

Shri. Piramal Seth